I want to be like this.I want to live life like the way she does.Meeting inspiring people gives us ideas of life goals.Neither a charisma model nor a career woman.Not similar to our own mothers who are familiar to us.They’re our role models as final goals as we capture a long life in a large field of view - grandmothers.How many women facing life choices have such an existence?Career, marriage, having baby and raising children… women always encounter many changes and troubles. That’s why we shouldn’t just set short-term goals such as what kind of job we want to have or who we want to marry. I decided to go meet “grandmothers of the world” to discover “what my life goal is as a woman” over this lifetime.It would probably be my first and last chance to travel all around the world. This is a personal project, and I’d like to share the time, experience and thoughts with you. I’d like to share the way of life of beloved “granny”.